Emakhazeni Local Municipality

Revision of Emakhazeni Local Municipality website

Year 2024
Platform Web
Role UX/UI/Web Development


The Emakhazeni Local Municipality website had not been updated for over three (3) years and the client was looking for a UI refresh as well as an update to the core content that municipalities need to update to stay up to date for a content audit. The client also required the ability to make changes to the website at any point in time without having to contact the developer.


Create a new website focused on improving usability and interface design to modernise the look and feel. All core content was to be provided by the client to ensure that the information accessible on the website was up to date. A content management system was included in the development process to ensure the client could make any changes they required.

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After completing the research and analysis, and working out what content needed to be on the website, creation of prototypes began. After a few iterations, the homepage was revised to essentially become a primary navigation point, direct users to any new information and would also be essential for notifying constituents of the local municipality on any news that would require their attention.

Information organisation

For the pages that could potentially contain a large number of documents, pagination was included to ensure that there would be a manageable way to keep everything above the fold. The cards were kept consistent to hark back to the general page structure across the website. The addition of images in the heading was added to ensure that the primary website visitors would always be able to have something that they could recognise and for other visitors, the images would serve as a snapshot of what Emakhazeni Local Municipality actually looked like.

Design consistency

With many pages containing varying information types, cards and blocks were used for consistency where possible. The general grid approach/structure would stay the same for all pages that displayed a large amount of information, but there would be subtle changes in the placement of labels and the inclusion of images where applicable. The overall effect of this was that consistency was applied across the site, but there would be breaks in monotony keeping the interface feeling revitalised.

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