Creation of event management platform dashboard

Year 2023
Platform Web
Role Research/Analysis/UX/UI


The client felt that event management platforms in South Africa were too expensive and exclusive for smaller players to actively advertise their events in a meaningful way. Social media platforms that enabled event management either did not cater to any time-based process (eg Instagram) or had too much noise and brought no attention/focus to the event (Facebook).


The creation of an event management platform/dashboard that would allow the user to focus solely on ensuring that their event is center stage; provide the user with feedback on registrations and ticket purchases, and enable full control of the event aesthetics, all while still allowing for reach and exposure from social media platforms.

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With the research and analysis done, we realised that there would be quite a few componens that would need to be built and allow for flexibility from the beginning. To ensure that all bases were covered, I began by creating a colour scheme and to base all future components on. This would be carried out throughout the platform to ensure that users were getting a consistent experience and that there was no confusion about what state or feature was displayed infront of them.

Event registration

In tandem with the dashboard designs, I was also responsible for creating a front-end view for attendees registering for events, outside the realm of event creation. The event registration pages would pull from the information entered when creating an event and allow attendees to sign up/register for an event and receive confirmation. Designs were created for information entry screens as well as payment and confirmation screens (positive and negative flows).

Product design

After a few iterations and discussions with the client, a final colour scheme and appearance were worked out and adjustments were made to the experience. Consistency was the main desired metric to pursue so components and interface options were aligned to the client's decisions to enable scalability and allow for reusability.

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